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The Emerson Public Library in Emerson, NJ was Steve's 1st stop with
"The Magic of Sharks" on his 2017 Summer Tour!
The Magic of Sharks
A Shark-Themed School Assembly

Presented by New Jersey's Top Assembly Presenter & Author,
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Now Scheduling for the
2017-2018 School Year!
"The Magic of Sharks" is a 45 minute shark-themed assembly program
that is both educational and entertaining.  T
his high-energy multi-media
assembly program combines audience participation, magic, & comedy, to
amaze, entertain, and educate your students on a variety of different
shark species, how sharks work, and why we must all help to protect
sharks.  Steve will turn one volunteer into a Shark Expert as they help him
introduce a variety of some of the most popular and strangest sharks in
ouro cean.  Volunteers will also play the magical game, "Fish or Fin" and
learn what would happen if sharks became extinct.  No Live Sharks are
featured in this program but your students will learn a boat-load of fun and
amazing shark facts that will help them better understand these incredible
animals that have been swimming in our oceans long before the first
dinosaurs ever roamed the Earth.