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Imagine taking your students on a
trip around the world to meet some
of the most amazing animals on
our planet.
Now imagine taking this journey without ever
leaving your school!!!
"Thank you for the wonderful program,  the children and staff both really
enjoyed it.  We thought you were very professional and connected with the
kids.  The show was fun and everyone learned something.  Thanks again,
and we will definitely recommend you to other PTO's"

Andrea Ross - PTO Program Coordinator
Tuttle Elementary School - East Haven, CT
"The Amazing World of Frogs" is
a dynamic program by one of the
Northeast's most sought-after
assembly program presenters,
Steve Woyce.  Author and Animal
Expert Steve Woyce has been
educating and entertaining students
and families for more than 15 years
throughout New Jersey, New York,
Delaware, Connecticut, Virginia,
and Pennsylvania.  Through the use
of state-of-the-art sound and visual
equipment and live animals he has
put together some of the most
talked about assembly programs in
the United States today.
"Steve's program was very informative.  My 3rd Grade students were
engaged and asked appropriate questions."

Gillian Rogers - 3rd Grade Teacher
Lenape Meadow School - Mahwah, NJ
Your students will be introduced to a variety of frogs and toads including the American
Bullfrog, South American Red-Eyed Tree Frog, Cane Toad (a.k.a Marine Toad), and the
Amazon Milk Frog.  
"The Amazing World of Frogs" is great for Science Days, Earth
Day Celebrations, Family Nights, and more!  This educational program covers many
important topics including:
Frog Life Cycle
Differences between Frogs & Toads
Frog Habitats
What Frogs Eat
How Frogs Hibernate
and Much, Much, MORE!!!
"The presentation was informative.  Steve paced the lesson appropriately,
used child friendly language, and responded well to student's questions. The
use of the camera and screen kept the students interest. "

G. Imhoff - 2nd Grade Teacher
Samuel Smith School- Burlington, NJ
Here are some more comments
from happy teachers, principals,
and librarians that have
experienced my programs.
"Thanks so much for presenting your amazing, awesome program to the children and
parents of the Cliffside Park Library.  We all had a GREAT TIME!  Whenever you perform at
our library you do a fantastic job!"  
Brian Cazanave, Librarian - Cliffside Park, NJ

"The show was both enjoyable and informative"  John Crowe, Principal -Colonia, NJ

"Steve interacted great with the students and they inturn followed his direction.  Thank you
for a great presentation."
J. Palumbo, 4th Grade Teacher - Dingmans Ferry, PA

"We all enjoyed your creative, impressive, and entertaining program.  You are certainly a
dynamic performer"
Diana Chen, Librarian - Fort Lee, NJ

"I really enjoyed the show, it was outstanding.  The children were kept attentive and had fun.  
The teachers all commented how great it was!  Thanks for a great program."  
Tanya Pinto,
PTA Program Coordinator - South River, NJ
Give your students the
experience of a lifetime
by bringing this amazing
program to your school.  

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Watch the Videos below to meet some of the Frogs and Toads that will be
featured in "The Amazing World of Frogs" school assembly program.  
Each Video is less than 2 minutes long.
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